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Dear America, I couldn’t sleep — so I wrote you a letter

Everything South Korea accomplished after being torn down by wars and colonization, all the amazing things in tech, fashion and art could get wiped off from this planet – by a temper tantrum a giant baby has on twitter.

Not calling out nazi trash, who were proudly marching away with torches and the swastika; not thinking about the millions of people, who could have lost their health care; not acknowledging, that a president is someone for all people and not a few selected white ones.

Dancing on the brink of an atomic war and suggesting to wash the radioactive rays off with soap.
America, you have elected your own antichrist. You are responsible to stop him.
You have a choice. Learn to clean up your mess – or drown in it.

PS: As a German, I’d like to point out, that wars are pointless and despots are not only the 1% on top of the food chain, no — their followers and those who keep silent are as bad as the politicians they support.

As someone with a Korean heritage, let me tell you: my ancestors did not flee from an regime like North Korea on their bare feet to South Korea, to have their legacy being ripped apart by a narcissistic, bitter old man, who is more concerned about his approval ratings than actual politics.

God gave you a mouth for a reason. Not to make a duck face – but to talk. Diplomacy is key.

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