Diversity Racism

Our countries are love, hate and all the things in between

Lately, I have been seeing many posts on Twitter and Facebook by PoC allies; how they stand up against disgusting behavior and racists. They fight, bleed and, like in Charlottesville, they die for and with us.

I am grateful for their help and sacrifice. Speaking out against harassment and voicing support is more important than ever.

However, there is something off about these posts. While I applaud the courage, I can’t help but be disappointed by the fact, that many of them write “They (racists) don’t represent our country. They are not true Americans, Canadians, Germans {any country works here}”.


You need to embrace every nuance of your country.

The racist twat who spews hate. The bitter old man who likes to wear MAGA hats. The single mother who goes to KKK rallies – after dropping off groceries. Or the hipster, who is social media savvy & very smart about poisoning his peers with fear. They are our fellow citizens. They are all part of our country. They just made the choice to hate. They are all Americans, Canadians, Germans.

Do not let them off the hook that easily and do not close your eyes against injustice. Saying that they are not true citizens provides them with fuel to retreat further into their shell. And to be honest, it is convenient to ignore them – instead of having to study and interact with them.

Yes, it hurts to think that racism is deeply embedded in our countries.

But ignorance is not the answer, inclusion is. Educate yourself and others.

Do not take the easy way out. It might be painful and it might be a self discovery you won’t like, but it will be brutally honest. And in the end, it will be worth it.

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